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The Florida Keys – disappearing? A Blog Action Day post.

October 16, 2009

Our family loves the Florida Keys. We are scuba divers and dolphin fanatics (ever seen our logo?) and though we are firmly rooted in Georgia soil, this place not just a destination for us…somehow, it defines us.

From the beautiful ocean views above sea level to the pristine coral patches below it, we love what’s under the water just as much as what’s above it. In fact, we literally spend about 50% of our trips there underwater. And our kids are huge fans too…they spend their year reliving last year’s visit or planning the next trip.

Our family in the Florida Keys last year.

Our family in the Florida Keys last year.

That’s why it’s distressing to us to think that the Keys we know now is changing dramatically; that it might not even be there for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Climate change is the culprit, and the damages are hard to imagine.

If earth’s citizens continue to live life in the same manner, sea level along Florida’s coast could rise as much as 20 inches by 2100; possibly even more if the Greenland or West Antarctica ice sheets break up more rapidly than predicted. A rise in sea level of 12 inches could flood coastal real estate 100 to 1,000 feet inland! <read that, swallowing the islands of the Keys whole> You can read more about the impact of climate change on Florida here and here.

But there is hope – we can reduce our carbon emissions (or energy consumption) to help control climate change. And so many small steps can make a big impact…like recycling, composting, carpooling… even turning off water when you brush your teeth. What are you doing to help save our favorite place?

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