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The Florida Keys – disappearing? A Blog Action Day post.

October 16, 2009

Our family loves the Florida Keys. We are scuba divers and dolphin fanatics (ever seen our logo?) and though we are firmly rooted in Georgia soil, this place not just a destination for us…somehow, it defines us.

From the beautiful ocean views above sea level to the pristine coral patches below it, we love what’s under the water just as much as what’s above it. In fact, we literally spend about 50% of our trips there underwater. And our kids are huge fans too…they spend their year reliving last year’s visit or planning the next trip.

Our family in the Florida Keys last year.

Our family in the Florida Keys last year.

That’s why it’s distressing to us to think that the Keys we know now is changing dramatically; that it might not even be there for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Climate change is the culprit, and the damages are hard to imagine.

If earth’s citizens continue to live life in the same manner, sea level along Florida’s coast could rise as much as 20 inches by 2100; possibly even more if the Greenland or West Antarctica ice sheets break up more rapidly than predicted. A rise in sea level of 12 inches could flood coastal real estate 100 to 1,000 feet inland! <read that, swallowing the islands of the Keys whole> You can read more about the impact of climate change on Florida here and here.

But there is hope – we can reduce our carbon emissions (or energy consumption) to help control climate change. And so many small steps can make a big impact…like recycling, composting, carpooling… even turning off water when you brush your teeth. What are you doing to help save our favorite place?

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Blog Action Day 2009


How to … work from home with a newborn

October 9, 2009

My new friend Chris Jordan recently reminded me of the intricate dance between the schedule of a newborn and that of the baby’s caregiver. The dance is even more complex when the caregiver is also trying to accomplish something outside of feed, change, cuddle.

It has been 8 years since I was at home with a newborn Amelia, writing, designing and editing for a nonprofit….oh yea, and starting a small business called In-Depth Wraps. Because of the way we’ve worked around and actually with Amelia as she’s grown up, she has a greater understanding for what we do, and knows that our business allows our family a bit of freedom – like the ability to pop off in the middle of the day and do something together.

It was a different story with Jackson 5 year ago…at the time, we shifted duties so that I could be more full-time mom, less full-time partner. So, until this year, he didn’t really “get it”. The light bulb has come on, though – now he asks to help squeegee the vehicle wraps in our bay!

So, here are my Top Ten Tips for surviving the first year of working and taking care of a baby. Thanks, Chris, for helping me remember this wonderful time!

  1. When the baby takes nap #1, work. When the baby takes nap #2, sleep. When the baby takes nap #3, work. (Taking a nap midday does NOT mean you’re being lazy; you’re just proactively stockpiling sleep in preparation for what you’ll miss that night.)
  2. When you do put the baby to bed “for the night” (that could mean 7 consecutive hours for the lucky few, but most parents are thrilled with four in a row), hang out with your spouse. You will not realize how much you truly need adult conversation until you spend a few days alone with an infant.
  3. Make business calls with new or VIP clients while the baby naps (if it’s not time for nap #2, and then, go to sleep!).
  4. Make business calls with existing (long-term) clients when the baby is awake. They are more likely to be understanding of the occasional “coo”. You’ll figure out during the pregnancy which clients “talk baby” with you. Those are the ones you call while the baby’s awake!
  5. Eat. Eating is good for you and the baby, because it means more energy to take care of both of you! Don’t skip eating because “you don’t have time” – you’ll only get run down later and be less productive.
  6. It is perfectly fine to work a bit while the baby is awake. The mat for tummy time can be set up right beside your computer.
  7. Take advantage of your slow business times. Whether it’s a day or an hour, try using this time to do something different with your child. Take a stroll in the park. Read poetry. Dance.
  8. Don’t set a schedule. Schedules do not exist right now. Instead, set tasks for yourself, but allow leeway in the time to complete them.
  9. Accept that you may work all day in your pajamas. As long as you don’t go to a meeting that way, you’re good!
  10. Accept all offers of help. This is no time to be proud.
  11. (OK, I had to add one more) Take time to enjoy yourself and your baby. What good is working from home if you can’t have fun?

Do you have any more to add?